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3 Ways to Limit the Personal Risk of Sponsoring a 401(k) Plan

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on the planet and sponsoring a 401(k) plan creates unique risks. Our job is to help business owners navigate the complex rules of ERISA and implement processes to mitigate liability. Juggling responsibilities can make it difficult to stay organized and compliant.  

My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the greatest inventions of the last decade or so. If you are not currently listening to any you are denying yourself access to some of the greatest minds of our era. In this post I hope to open your eyes to the world of podcasting and introduce you to a few of my favorites.

The Terrifying Truth About Your 401(k) Plan

Halloween is the time for costumes, candy and haunted houses. 401(k) plans are often dressed up in scary costumes with hidden fess in complex investment arrangements. Be smart and don’t let your plan provider steal all your retirement candy.

5 Steps For Accumulating Wealth

Each of us is unique but there are fundamental principles that can be woven into your financial future. These principles are building blocks for wealth over the long term, and are valuable to keep them in mind, always.

Rocket Man, Hurricanes, New Highs and Walls of Worry

As the S&P 500 Index was marching its way to a record high for the eighth consecutive quarter, hurricanes devastated coastlines, and political saber rattling between the US and North Korea became the “wall of worry” that all Bull Markets inevitably climb. Hurricanes...

Whatever Your Plans are; Plan For Income

I have had the pleasure of assisting many clients for decades. Eventually, they all retire and need income from their portfolio. There are many reasons why clients work with us but the common thread is the complexities that inevitably spring from managing a portfolio

Setting up a Retirement Plan like Tesla

We live in unprecedented times with developments in technology. Consider autonomous driving, big data, and artificial intelligence for example. Many activities that used to take us hours or days on end can now be processed with the click of a button.

What you Need to Know About HSA Accounts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare costs have inflated at a rate of 8.6% annually since 1990. For reference, over the same time span, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the United States has averaged 2.4% annually. The CPI is the standard index for...

It’s Time for a Fire Drill

When I was a kid in grade school we routinely had fire drills rehearsing procedures to be used in case of emergency. Inevitably, we ended up in the schoolyard on a cold, blustery day. My classmates and I saw the exercise as a great way to get out of class until one...

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