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2017 Quarter 1 Market Update

“The only investors who should not diversify are those who are right 100% of the time.” Sir John Templeton Successful investing can be a frustrating endeavor. All too poignant are the memories of the “Lost Decade” when hapless investors in the S&P 500 Index posted a...

Uncertainty is Never Going Away

Britain is leaving the European Union, US deficits are burgeoning, price-earnings ratios push multi-year highs, US stock are tumbling and, oh yeah, the sky is falling. The host of reasons why markets are plummeting is now permeating the financial media.

13 Tips For Fiduciary Compliance

  13 Tips To Be An Awesome Fiduciary A fiduciary is a person given the power to act on behalf of another in situations that require great trust, honesty, and loyalty. As a member of your 401(k) committee, business owner, or signer of the 5500, you are a fiduciary as...

Diversification In A 401(k) Plan

How should you use diversification in a 401(k) plan and why? At the end of 2014, the US markets were kicking the tar out of everyone else. The S&P 500 returned 13.69% in 2014 moving it's 5-year return average to 15.45%.  Not too shabby.  The S&P 500's long term return...

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